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BMW supports the introduction of Super E10 fuel in Germany and Europe. This is also in accordance with the decision made following the legislative procedure involving BMW and the motor industry.

There have been no changes to the technical assessments which were made for Europe and Germany at the time.

The statements made by Mr Brüner on the matter of E10 use in BMW vehicles expressly did not refer to countries with fuel standards such as those applicable in the EU, but to countries with clearly inferior fuel grades.

In the light of current developments, this was confirmed tonight by Dr Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board of Management BMW AG, Development.

“Contrary to current media reports which state otherwise, we affirm our declaration that E10 fuels can be safely used in all BMW passenger car models from any production year.

A small number of older BMW vehicles require Super Plus RON 98 to reduce knock. Irrespective of ethanol content, these vehicles are therefore not suited for Super fuel. The relevant list of these vehicles was already published by the ADAC on March 1st this year.

All oil-change intervals as prescribed by us remain unchanged, irrespective of the use of E10 fuel.”

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