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Unveiled recently at the Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance in California, Morgan’s sleek new four seat coupe is a proper Grand Tourer in every sense of the word.

Moving away from their famed two seater sports cars for this model the Eva GT looks stunning with a fully bonded aluminium chassis and superformed aluminium body panels making this a complete 21st century car.
BMW will be providing the power with a 302bhp twin turbo straight six which not only meets the Euro 5 emissions due out next year but the engine also meets Euro 6 standards.

The Eva GT will go from a standstill to 60mph in the just over 4 seconds and carries on to a top speed of 170mph through a choice of either 6 speed auto or manual gearboxes.

The weight of this four seat GT is only 1250kgs which means it turns in an amazing 40mpg and a relatively low 200g/km in emissions.

The new Morgan also comes loaded with 21st century additions such as ABS, SatNav, Xenon headlights and multi-stage airbags fitted as standard.

A deposit of €6,000 is required to secure an Eva GT from a limited build list although an on the road price has not been released at this time. Deliveries will start in 2012.

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